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Service Dogs Alabama trains and provides service dogs for people with medical and psychiatric disabilities as well as intervention facility dogs. Service Dogs Alabama provides recipients with confidence and independence enabling them to reach their full potential.




Our Impact

Service Dogs Alabama offers specialized service dogs to Veterans, adults, and teens. These highly trained dogs excel in various service fields, including PTSD intervention, mobility assistance, seizure intervention, and autism intervention.

We also provide Facility Dogs to schools, justice centers, and hospitals where the impact of a dog can support the facility's mission.


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Types of Service Dogs

Seizure Alert Dogs

Service Dogs Alabama trains dogs to remain with their person in public areas in the event of a seizure, providing crucial support and assistance. Additionally, these dogs can be trained for specific responses at home, such as pressing an Alarm Button or seeking help, ensuring the safety and well-being of their handlers. This specialized training not only enhances the independence and security of individuals with disabilities but also fosters a strong bond between the service dog and its person.

Facility Dogs

SDA Facility Dogs trained for intervention tasks and to work with multiple people undergo specialized training to excel in their roles. These dogs are carefully selected based on their confident personalities, enabling them to work off-leash without direct supervision. This unique trait allows them to navigate various environments and interact with diverse individuals effectively.

Their training focuses on specific intervention tasks tailored to the needs of the facilities they serve.

By harnessing their innate abilities and confident demeanor, Facility Dogs contribute positively to their environments, enriching the lives of the people they serve with their presence and assistance.

Autism Intervention Dogs

Service Dogs Alabama specializes in training Service Dogs for children diagnosed with certain types of Autism, including Asperger’s Syndrome. These highly skilled intervention dogs are proficient at recognizing and addressing anxiety in their handlers.

One of the critical roles of these Service Dogs is to interrupt and stop the progression of escalating thought patterns that can lead to disruptive behaviors, undesirable stim patterns, and panic attacks in children with Autism. By recognizing signs of anxiety early on, these dogs provide timely interventions that help redirect their handlers' focus and prevent the onset of challenging behaviors.




Circle the person on command, waking their person from a nightmare, disrupting an anxiety attack.

Mobility/Wheelchair Assistance Dogs

Service Dogs Alabama provides specialized training for service dogs that assist individuals with a range of mobility disorders, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Dysautonomia, joint and muscular disorders, and Spina Bifida.

These highly trained service dogs are invaluable companions, assisting with balance, walking, and navigating wheelchairs. They are trained to perform various tasks tailored to their handlers' specific needs, such as retrieving dropped items, opening doors, turning lights on and off, and providing stability while walking or standing.

JUNE 2019

“These people are saving lives. They saved my life. They gave my daughter her Dad back.”

Ret. US Army Sgt Combat Medic Jeremy Millwood

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Welcome to Service Dogs Alabama: Where Volunteer Puppy Raisers Change Lives

Volunteer Opportunities at Service Dogs Alabama

At Service Dogs Alabama, we rely on compassionate animal lovers to assist in raising, socializing, and transporting our service dogs-in-training. If you want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and veterans with disabilities and can commit to caring for a dog or puppy for 3-6 months while attending bi-monthly training sessions, we would love to hear from you! We currently have opportunities available in the following areas:

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Training one fully-trained Service Dog or Facility Dog at Service Dogs Alabama costs $40,000.00. Learn more below about becoming a supporter.



We rely on compassionate animal lovers to assist in raising, socializing, and transporting our service dogs-in-training. To make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and veterans, inquire below.



Your Support Matters! There are many opportunities to support our efforts. Learn about the various ways below.