2019 Graduation High!

2019 Graduation High!

What a spectacular 2019 Graduation!

The whole weekend consisted of four days of training, lectures, evaluations, and re-certifications for 31 recipients and their Service Dogs. However, the hidden and one of the most important benefits of the weekend was the fellowship of Veterans, families, and schools and judges sharing experiences-hardships and triumphs, struggles and victories, and mostly, all of the new possibilities the can now access!

Service Dogs Alabama trainers and mentors listened intently to create new tasks and ways to utilize our trained dogs to help people with disabilities and facilities reach their children in sustainable ways.

This year, we introduced the Military Transitional Assistance (MTA) Dog for military and first responder families. We expanded our facility dog program to more schools, youth facilities, courtrooms, and State

Departments where stress and vicarious PTSD is prevalent.

... we will never stop learning better and more advanced ways to help people with specialty trained dogs!