• Can we afford to take care of a Service Dog?
    Caring for a Service Dog has several requirements. A SD must have monthly oral flea and heartworm treatment. SDs require high quality dog food. Special attention must be paid to daily exercise, weekly baths and daily grooming, complete annual check-ups and other health needs.  A fenced-in yard is required.

  • Do we have the time to keep a Service Dog trained?
    A Service Dog may come to you completely trained and reliable in 60+ commands and behaviors, however, if you do not consistently practice these commands, your Service Dog will not perform them. Particularly with Alert Dogs of all kinds, consistent training is mandatory.  This takes a commitment of time.

  • Do I want to discuss my disability or my child’s disability with strangers everywhere we go with the Service Dog?
    When you have a Service Dog, everyone wants to talk to you and ask questions. Strangers are usually well-meaning and should be educated about service dogs whenever possible. However, this constant intrusion by strangers can become tiresome.

  • Does our family have a lifestyle that is conducive to having a Service Dog?
    Service Dogs cannot be boarded except at Service Dogs Alabama’s Montgomery or Falkville kennels. If you must leave your Service Dog for a short time, a trusted family member or friend should be trained to keep your Service Dog.

    A Service Dog must go with their recipient everywhere that they go unless there is a safety risk.

    So, if your family travels extensively or does not want to take a dog along with them everywhere, you might consider a pet or a task-trained emotional support dog rather than a Service Dog.